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Monday, May 19, 2008


This guy def needs a hook up

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Get ripped

Definitely my favorite indoor destination at the moment the Ripped park in Dewsbury is truly unique and fun with a capital F. Every inch is skateable, the locals are friendly and you just can beat the feel of a grind on real copping. You also just might spot some other rarities there like the lesser spotted Avi, or the swan tailed Rozzie.

Word seems to be spreading; Caught in the Crossfire just did a spot check on it. Next time it rains or you just feel like a schralp go there, I promise you won't regret it.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Check our Flickr for some pics from the filming of the Weekend in the city and The premier/ prize giving and Projekts Flickr for more general carnage!

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Lock Stock and two smoking shovels

Tweaker Zine just updated with some hot new pics of the Stockwell facelift and it looks like they did an amazing job. I reckon The old girl will be pulling young studs for some time. Also check out French's new graphic for Real, Alex Maw; Folio and Russell Cowling; Never Forever.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

If you weren't at the premier last Saturday, now's your chance to watch the entries( well some at least and you don't have to dodge kev's beer or talk to stupid cops either). Projekts just posted them on Mpora or you could just watch the Killer right here;

More Skateboarding Videos >>

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Sunday, May 11, 2008


WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skulls win 'Weekend in the city 2008'; in a hot (literally) contest, skulls beat banging competition to victory over the (hammer time) Sub-50 (2nd) and (slick editing) Clique (3rd) teams. All the vids deserve mention as a full week of work went into each of them. Eddie's team went awol so he took himself out and got random people to film him. Jay Leishman put it down. Nick Stansfield (sub-50) got best trick and best skater for his Magus like skills and huge backside flip ender. Sean Lomax's professional editing also made this vid, shop quality. But thanks to Joe's editing and art direction, full on comedy, budget acting, lots of blood and of course rad skating from Alex, Joe, Tone, Ads, Kev oh yeah and ME! Skulls was eventually awarded victory! Thanks Manchester! Cheers to Projekts Ben and Hui for organizing Distance and DC for prizes!!All the judges..... (I'm seriously trying to hold back the tears here.)

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blood sweat and more blood

What was your bank holiday weekend like, mine was seriously hectic with a work, skate,work, skate schedule trying to gets some shit done for Projekts W.I.T.C vid comp. This year saw huge crews of shalpers and skate rats in running battles through the streets. Much fun was had and several death scenes filmed (see the SKULLS vid for details). Alex put in an epic performance and Joe has been killing himself geting it all ready for tonight. Check the results in Projekts TONIGHT (7pm) for the premier and prize giving! Prizes from DC, Distance, Projekts and Skulls.

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Irish times

I've just been back over to the Aul country and the Irish skate scene seems to be getting stronger again. The council has finally seen sense and started to build tons of new parks around Dublin and the rest of the country. Loads of new little rippers Blogs and companies springing up; New skate shop BLVD on the south side of Dublin city is Graham from G1's new piece.
BoarderCo. has been repping since day one, Wayne Gallagher heads up the solid team and they've got some hot new product out now. Check the hand finished graphics on their decks and all the clothing is screened by skateboarders, nice.
Another new company I just heard of called Fiverz is knocking out wheels and a few soft goods.

(Note to self)
*get over for a proper road trip soon.

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