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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Irish times

I've just been back over to the Aul country and the Irish skate scene seems to be getting stronger again. The council has finally seen sense and started to build tons of new parks around Dublin and the rest of the country. Loads of new little rippers Blogs and companies springing up; New skate shop BLVD on the south side of Dublin city is Graham from G1's new piece.
BoarderCo. has been repping since day one, Wayne Gallagher heads up the solid team and they've got some hot new product out now. Check the hand finished graphics on their decks and all the clothing is screened by skateboarders, nice.
Another new company I just heard of called Fiverz is knocking out wheels and a few soft goods.

(Note to self)
*get over for a proper road trip soon.

Posted by Blitz Beaumont @ 2:45 PM