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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Have you got eyes in your head, and the will to use them? Then focus on these fine photos of the recent Re-birth Jam at the PumpCage. (They've been up for a while I justs forgot to tell anyone, soz)

Following the fire caused by vandals, and subsequent rebuild Projekts held a Jam to open up the park officially. Sexual Stu did a fine job on the Mic and Cash and prizes were given out to those deserved. Rob smith got best trick with a crazy nose pick on the side wall of the new big quarter to fakie!! Mike Wright took overall (270 lipslides, both ways!) followed by Eddie B (Domination) and Dave Monaghan (smooth ramp tech.) Cheers to Hiu and Ben at Projekts skate shop for this one looking forward to the Xmas mash up next!

Posted by Blitz Beaumont @ 3:55 PM