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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This today from John Haines, park Manager at the Pumpcage, concerning the future of the park. As he's says, if you care about the park and want to help get down to the meeting next Monday and have your say.

"Hi all,

I hope you're well. It's been three weeks, I think, since we closed and there have been some important developments since then that will affect us all.

Firstly, the Bridges department are requesting the removal of any ramps within two metres of the pillars. If this request is followed through, we will need some serious work doing to the park to end up with anything as good as what we have. It will also cost tens of thousands to complete the work - who will pay?

We're still waiting to hear back from the insurers about our (the council's) cover for the park. We almost certainly don't have business interruption insurance, which means staff pay would not be covered over this period, sadly. The costs so far come to about £24,000 This includes bridge work and replacing the ramps around the damaged pillar (which we may not even be able to do but at least it will help towards getting a new park)

The scaffolding comes down on Friday, which will be nice. Unfortunately, we can't have any staff working officially until the new toilet arrives.

Good news! We received some money from the Youth Capital Fund, which will help us get Phase 2 - £116,000! The down side is that I don't know if bridges are going to object to having wood under the bridge completely. If they do we may be able to go with concrete but I'm not sure yet and we may have to apply for planning again.

Timescales on this are looking longer and longer by the day, which is why we need to meet up soon to discuss where we go from here.

So, for any staff that can make it, I propose we meet this Monday 10th August at 6pm at the park for a skate and discussion. Invite any skaters you know because we may need their help to show the council that really people are being affected by this!


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