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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Huey's hot line comp results;

Under 16;

1st Max Pouncey
2nd Samual Bottenberg
3rd Jay Stone


1st Dan Polhill (lil' Dan)
2nd Alexander Mark Edward Davis
3rd Sexual Stu


1st Joe Gavin
2nd Tony Da Silva
3rd Chris Barrett

Best Trick Bank to Wall-Ride comp;

Eddie Belvedere Front Biggy to Wall ride!!

Nick Stansfield gets honourable mention for Front wall to quick footed backside flip into bank!!

Big up ta Huey, Projekts Skate shop, Unabomber, all the judges and the rest of Manchester for rulin'

Keep your eyes peeled for Sean Lomax footage right here very soon

Posted by Blitz Beaumont @ 4:24 PM