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Monday, August 6, 2007

Destroy Machine in Manc

Last week me and Kendrick were lucky enough to meet up with the Toy Machine as they blitzed round Manchester in a few hours. Some shit went down at Bridgewater then we went to River side. The Karma boys were already there filming so there was quite a crew. next thing Josh Harmony 50-50 it first go at mach 10, then again for the filmer, then nose grind in a line I think 3 times? He came very close to front feeb but took some gnarly slams. Not being much of a rail skater myself it was amazing to watch a true animal at work!. We left them as they headed of to find the Salford Lads Club to pay homage. Kendrick got some rad phone footy I'm trying to get on you tube soon. There's some more pics on the Thrasher website.

Posted by Blitz Beaumont @ 5:55 PM